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Dr. Jan Kasprowicz - The Elite Performance Team Podcast | Athletic Performance and Essential Amino Acids

by Dr. David Minkoff January 02, 2020 3 min read 0 Comments

Dr. Jan Kasprowicz - The Elite Performance Team Podcast | Athletic Performance and Essential Amino Acids


Dr. Jan Kasparowicz and Dominick Parillo, also known as the Elite Performance Team, featured Dr. David Minkoff on this episode of the Elite Performance Team Podcast to answer some of the most important questions on the subject of essential amino acids and their connection to athletic performance.

Dr. Jan Kasparowicz, DC, employs groundbreaking techniques to supercharge athletic performance in virtually any sport or discipline, resolve problems related to overtraining, and speed recovery from sports-related injuries. He teams up with acclaimed functional strength specialist Dominick Parillo to give you real, useful answers to help you maximize your athletic potential and longevity.

This episode covers the following subjects:

  • 3:29– The science behind the performance-boosting power of EAA and why they are far superior to BCAAs, providing your body with the full scope of the amino acids needed to build and maintain muscle.
  • 3:57– How BCAAs became a popular muscle-building supplement based on inaccurate scientific information and how the hype surrounding the supplement led to its popularity. Scientific data proves BCAA supplements are unable to increase muscle mass as they omit critical amino acids.
  • 9:40– How regular consumption of EAAs supports long-term overall health, a high level of activity and longevity, and impacts a range of facets of a healthy body during aging. How an EAA deficiency affects the entire body, including gut health and bone strength.
  • 12:22 – The root cause of osteoporosis and how the body is cannot maintain strong, healthy bones with a deficiency in EAAs. The lack of a collagen base on which calcium and phosphorus can be built, and how just calcium, without EAAs, cannot ward off bone loss.
  • 13:34 – How essential amino acids play a vital role in bone and muscle healing, including disc herniations. Bone healing, particularly spine injuries, are significantly impacted by EAA to rebuild damaged cartilage.
  • 14:14 – How the top riders on the Lance Armstrong bicycle team avoided tendonitis, sore joints, and energy loss during a long race by taking PerfectAmino. The team always found their bodies broke down, with painful joints and fatigue in the last week of a long race, which was resolved by taking EAAs during racing. When the body is under high stress, EAAs get you to the finish line.
  • 17:15 – The ideal way to train when taking PerfectAmino, and how and when to take the supplement to maintain peak athletic performance and enhanced immune system support when putting the body under extreme stress.
  • 19:25 – How to use the EAAs in PerfectAmino as a fueling strategy. Dr. Minkoff recommends 10 grams of Perfect Amino in the morning prior to a workout or directly before training to maintain strength and a faster recovery. A double dose is recommended for longer workout days as the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system is under extreme stress and depleted of the EAAs it needs to perform.
  • 21:12 – Weight loss and how EAAs support the preservation and building of lean body mass while losing body fat. Why calorie-restricted diets, such as the HCG diet, will cause you to lose one pound of muscle mass for every four pounds of fat. How Perfect Amino can help you preserve muscle mass during such a diet, as it has only four calories.
  • 24:00 – An explanation of the vitamins and supplements to take in combination with PerfectAmino for sustained energy, enhanced athletic performance, and overall health. He gives exact recommendations to general health, as well as specific supplements to resolve gut problems and keep your gut functioning at its best.
  • 27:37 – How BodyHealth Metal-Free protects the body when exposed to mercury, lead, arsenic, aluminum, and other metal-based toxins. The modern environment is loaded with metal-based toxins, and Metal-Free was explicitly developed to treat this problem. It contains special metal-binding peptides, antioxidants, and immune system stimulators to help flush harmful metals from the body.

Learn more about EAAs and BCAAs here!

Dr. David Minkoff
Dr. David Minkoff

Dr. David Minkoff graduated from the University of Wisconsin Medical School in 1974 and was elected to the “Phi Beta Kappa” of medical schools, the prestigious Alpha Omega Alpha Honors Medical Fraternity for very high academic achievement. He then completed both a Pediatric Residency and Fellowship in Infectious Disease at the University of California at San Diego.

He worked at the University of California and Children’s Hospitals in San Diego as an attending physician in infectious disease while conducting original research on Ribaviron, a broad spectrum anti-viral agent to fight disease. He also co-directed a neo-natal intensive care unit and worked in emergency medicine.

In 1992, Dr Minkoff’s wife Sue, a Registered Nurse, became interested in nutrition and health and began to go to lectures from some of the experts in the field. At the time, Dr Minkoff was pretty fixed in his view of traditional medicine and it took a lot of convincing to get him to come to one of these lectures. After hearing Dr Jeffrey Bland speak, Dr Minkoff had a eureka moment and began pursuing the alternative field with a vengeance. Based on this new knowledge Dr Minkoff and his wife set up a small clinic in 1997 to help some friends with their medical problems. What began as an experiment blossomed into Lifeworks Wellness Center, one of the most successful clinics for complementary medicine in the United States. In the process, he gained expertise in Biological medicine, integrative oncology, heavy metal detoxification, anti-aging medicine, hormone replacement therapy, functional medicine, energy medicine, neural and prolotherapy, homeopathy and optimum nutrition. He studied under the masters in each of these disciplines until he became an expert in his own right. Dr Minkoff is one of the most in demand speakers in the field and wrote an Amazon best selling book called The Search For The Perfect Protein.

The demand for the products and protocols he discovered became a catalyst for founding BodyHealth.Com, a nutrition company that now manufactures and distributes cutting-edge nutritional solutions for the many health problems of today. Dr. Minkoff writes two free online newsletters, “The Optimum Health Report” and ”The BodyHealth Fitness Newsletter”, to help others learn about optimum health and fitness.

Dr. Minkoff is an avid athlete himself and has completed 44 Ironman Triathlons. To keep his fitness maximal, he lives the lifestyle he teachers to others and tries to set an example for others, so they can enjoy a life free of pain and full of energy.

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