Alex Lubarsky speaks with Dr. David Minkoff about "The Search for the Perfect Protein"

by Dr. David Minkoff December 11, 2019 3 min read

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Alex Lubarsky is the founder of Health Media Group and author of The Art of Selling the Art of Healing. His life’s work surrounds the science of human optimization, and he is personally dedicated to transforming healthcare in America. He produces the Science of Human Optimization (SoHO) Conferences for world leaders in advanced healthcare. These conferences showcase the world’s experts, new products, and technologies to address the underlying causes of poor health and chronic illnesses.

In this podcast, Alex interviews Dr. David Minkoff and covers the following topics:

  • 3:24 – Dr. Minkoff discusses how he first became interested in finding a treatment for mercury exposure while working in emergency medicine. His wife, a registered nurse, had her metal fillings removed unsafely and suffered severe health problems, beginning his journey to alternative methods of handling metal toxicity.
  • 8:04 – A discussion of how Dr. Minkoff first established his clinic in the extra space of his wife’s nursing office in his off-hours from the ER. He then shifted to practicing his advanced treatments full time, with patients coming to his clinic from Sweden, China, and other foreign countries.
  • 10:58 – Dr. Minkoff explains how many of his patients have been diagnosed at the top medical facilities worldwide with the most sophisticated medical testing, and yet still do not know why they suffer from conditions such as chronic fatigue. He discusses a specific patient in this situation and how he discovered underlying chronic viruses, a leaky gut, and parasites.
  • 16:45 – An explanation of Dr. Minkoff’s education, and how he became interested in competing in marathons, and the story behind how he entered his first of 45 Iron Man competitions.
  • 21:40 – Dr. Minkoff discusses the enjoyment he finds in competing with the best of the world’s athletes and how both he and his wife find the excitement of competition to be infectious. He feels that if you like sports, competition, and pushing yourself to the limits, these competitions can help you maintain health and stay well.
  • 25:06 – An explanation of how Dr. Minkoff views traditional medicine and the benefits it offers. He discusses how you are far more likely to have a non-toxic, effective treatment from a nutritionist, alternative medicine doctor, chiropractor, or naturopath. It is important to have a doctor who embraces good health as a goal, rather than just disease management. He covers the statistics of traditional medicine and how 700,000 people die every year due to medical interventions.
  • 30:10 – A discussion of the faults of the traditional medicine infrastructure and how the system is geared to treat symptoms rather than the underlying causes of the condition. He discusses how a condition that may have been developing for years is treated with medications with side effects instead of lifestyle changes, supplements, diet changes, and other approaches that are more beneficial to overall long-term health.
  • 37:15 – An explanation of how benefits from treatments that invest in their recovery and overall health, and how individual care is critical and cannot be achieved in an appointment lasting just a few minutes. Real care requires much more time from a medical provider than is usually provided to a patient in the traditional medical system, and this approach is not in the patient’s best interests.

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